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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning sir. >> reporter: a great weekend. we'll stretch it out through columbus day and a storm system is going to bring rain in here by wednesday. columbus day, if you are working, sorry about that. if you are not, good for you. 73 by noon. this afternoon, 77 with highs today upper 70s to low 80s and light northeast winds t won't be as pretty yesterday, because we'll have high clouds around at times. that could i have us oh, even a thin overcast. you can see how the clouds are streaming north, especially to our west here. showers down at the south carolina and georgia low pressure is in florida this morning. you can see it is getting right across the region with mid-40s. to mid-50s down in southern maryland. cambridge is 52. 54 in fredericksburg. cooler air, we have some fog. that is a problem around
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frederick, yesterday morning a quarter mile visibility there. cumberland through petersburg through west virginia west virginia you have fog as well. it is 5:00 a.m. big holiday. traffic should be pretty good. if you are heading out to work early this morning i don't think you are going to encounter any problems. nice and quiet all the way around town. we'll zoom in to 95 first. looking good toward springfield we'll look at 395 at duke street. no problems. in woodbridge no problems as you head up toward the 14th street bridge. back over to the maps, this time zooming in to 66. no problems through centerville and oakton and vienna. very quiet as you head toward the roosevelt bridge and
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downtown. coming up, we'll look into maryland at 5:10. mike and andrea? thank you. today we'll see whether police will arrest protesters in north washington. the permit for the stop the machine protest is about to expire. but organizers say they intend to stay in place. we have more on the possible showdown with police. surae has more. >> reporter: the permit runs out at some point today, possibly tonight. park police have been vague, so have protesters. will there be a showdown later on today? that remains to be seen. demonstrators have numbered in the hundreds at times. we'll stop the machine rally as a protest to get troops out of afghanistan on the passing of the tenth anniversary of the war. the permit allows demonstrators to clean up.
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protesters have dug in their heels and say they are not leaving. >> the police can do whatever they want whenever they want, it is up to them. use the trillions we are spending on wars for needs human needs here at home. jobs, housing, healthcare, education, environmental protex. >> reporter: so we'll keep watch here to find out when they might be coming if park police do indeed come here on columbus day. you can see behind me people are still camped out. there is no sign of them breaking down and cleaning up and packing up and going. mike? around tree a? >> surae, there is a protest we have learned at mcpherson square. are the two related? >> reporter: they are not really related. they are two separate organizations. it happened to be stop the machine on the anniversary of the war in afghanistan coincided with the occupation has been gaining momentum throughout the
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country. so at the same time, all these protesters were fighting for the same thing. the jobs, get the troops out of afghanistan and also economy and corporate greed. a lot of the people in mcpherson square with occupy dc have come over here. there is no real relation. back to you. >> thanks surae. montgomery county police have questions to answer about an apparent murder suicide in bethesda. the medical examiner is going to determine exactly how martin o'toole and hong tracy vaughn died. two handguns and a note were found at the scene. they are not sure whether or not they were in a relationship. people displaced by tropical storm lee are getting a final
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chance to salvage what is left of their belongings. demolition operations are underway in woodbridge, virginia. 60 homes were declared uninhabitable after the flooding. diego reyes and his four children are searching for a new place to stay. >> all the stuff went away and i'm starting over again. >> my mother and i own rental property in my direction and i thought about what would happen if it was mine. >> volunteer labor and donated construction equipment helped, the only money will be made from recyclable material. montgomery county firefighters worked through a muddy mess all to rescue a horse. leroy, the horse got stuck in a ravine. fire and rescue teams used a
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lift to free leroy from nearly five feet of mud. fortunately, he is safe and sound and just happened to be near a place called the day's inn, which cares for horses. >> religion is coming into question in the presidential race. at the values voter summit this weekend in northwest washington some went so far as calling the mormon religion a cult. fellow candidates are mostly side stepping the issue. >> reporter: from the campaign stumps to the sunday talk shows the gop presidential candidates answered questions about their religion but shy ad way on comment go on candidate mitt romney's faith i can't i think none of us should sit in
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judgment. >> reporter: antimormon sentiment surfaced this weekend. the candidates didn't say it but some of the participants is characterized the reladies and gentlemen john as a cult. some say they don't believe mormons are christians. >> to make this a big issue is ridiculous right now. every day i'm on the street talking to people, this is knotted what people are talking about. >> reporter: but people on the street are talking about how religion could affect presidential decisions. >> christianity is a big part of my life. that is why a country was founded, so it would make a difference to a point. >> i think we should pick the person to run the country best. >> in 2008 romney's rivals painted him as a flip-flopper and mostly stayed away from religion. others are questioning his
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religious beliefs. >> today egypt's new government will try to tackle one of its biggest crisis since the revolution no monsoonal moisture in florida. is this a cosmic sign the redskins are destin today great things? -- destined for great things this year? if you've got pain?
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welcome back to 9 news now. happy columbus day. hope you are enjoying the holiday. even if you have to go to work, it may not be as great as the
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weekend. it is going to be a pretty nice day. the taste of dc i'm sure they are expecting lots of traffic. >> what a great weekend they have for this event. the upcoming weekend has a lot of promise as well. this morning the moms like me forecast. we have school going on, sunshine, high clouds, fog as well. a couple of spots north and west of town. temperatures in the 40s and 50s with sunrise at 7:12. our day planner today, partly to mostly sunny. 64 at 9:00. noon 73. perhaps a few more clouds later this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll cop out near 80 if we get enough sunshine today. maybe even low 80s west of town. our headlines a nice columbus day followed by an increase in clouds. rain will be returning from a coastal low headed this way. but here is the pay off.
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another dry weekend. i don't think it is going to be as warm as it was this after weekend, but if it is dry and the sun is out that is good. 51 in ocean city this morning. that is one of the cool spots. 58 at national. 55 at southern maryland. hagerstown, 40s, frederick, maryland with 40s this morning. that is helping to condense the moisture out of the air. frederick has fog and a quarter mile of visibility. toward romney as well. parts of the shenandoah valley. the rest of us not picking up any of the fog. our temp 58. partly to mostly cloudy out there with calm winds and the humidity at 93%. dew point two now. that is why we have the fog warming. while we are in the 50s and 60s across much of the eastern united states, the snow has been falling there the last few days. denver this morning at 39,
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along with albuquerque. another storm system coming here from the northwest. for us our problems stem from this area of low pressure. a twist going on here across north florida. all that spinning and energy, tornado watch out for southeast georgia, northeast florida from the storm prediction center. the moisture is going to continue to stream this way. we'll get into it by wednesday. with the clouds, it won't be as pretty. not bad today though. nice, partly sunny, even mostly cloudy. high thin overcast. around 80 today. tomorrow in the low 70s. mild cooler on wednesday, 60s with the rain showers around. a few showers thursday. a cool by dry saturday and sunday. >> reporter: a beautiful day for the taste of dc. that is why i'm giving it the green lit. the beltway looks great. we are going to zoom in to
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where the taste of dc will be. penn avenue closed, a great day for it. keep that in mind, if you are planning to head to work, you will not be able to access pennsylvania avenue. 20th street no problems here downtown along the mall area. pennsylvania coming in, no problems. across the river we are looking good here. if you are planning to head closer to the station, wisconsin avenue at nebraska avenue, looking good here as well. no problems in the northwest quarter, coming in through wisconsin avenue, route 355 all the way into downtown. coming up in my next report, we'll look at 395 around 5:24. and guys, i want to thank the indian american medical association to helping, or having me help host their big event this weekend on the odyssey in the southwest dc waterfront. i got to welcome delegate
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miller from section 16. i think they are watching us right now. >> good morning. >> you know that view on the odyssey was just beautiful yesterday. again a great event, thanks for having me. and thanks for watching 9 news now. one day after redskins owner raiders owner, sorry raiders owner al davis died, they won one. what dessert helps reduce the risk of clogged arteries, cherry pie, lemon pie or apple
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pie? >> a facebook response i would say apple. it seems like it might be a bit healthier, there is something about apple that seems undeniable to me. >> what do you think? log on to our face book page and leave your response. we'll reveal it later this morning.
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nice morning out there. we have 40s and 50s. fog in frederick, cumberland, down town petersburg. a couple of high clouds, 64 by 9:00 here. by noon in the low 70s, high clouds trying to come in this afternoon. upper 70s, even low 80s in spots for highs. but mostly cloudy before the day is out. mike and andrea. thank you, howard. game two of the american league championship series was rained out. plus the redskins gained some ground, even in a division though they didn't even play yesterday. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. the redskins had one final night of rest for them as they closed out their bye week. as for the skins opponent next week, mike vick and the eagles visiting the bills sunday. the bills continued time press.
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brad smith calling his own numbers for the scores. the bills lead and hold on for the 31-24 win. giants hosting the seahawks trying to take the lead late but eli manning trying to find victor cruz. brandon brown races 94 yards, seahawks win 36-25. an emotional day for the raiders as they honored their late owner, al davis. raiders lead by five and they would hold onto the emotional victory 25-20. baseball a rematch of the 1982 world series. a shot to right hops over aphonies for a ground ruled double. crushes the ball to right.
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a two run homer gives the brewers a lead they beat st. louis 9 had ever 6. -- 9-6. police could start making arrests today in the protests in freedom plaza. more on that next. we all love a relaxing spa treatment. again the key to helping breast cancer patients recover. >> reporter: northbound 35, all lanes are open, no delays early this morning. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at maryland at 5:30. you are watching 9news now. stay with us. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying?
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good morning. welcome back on this columbus day. i'm andrea reason.
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>> the weekend was spectacular, wasn't it? >> hopefully columbus day a smooth ride to work. >> if you have to be going. >> another day to be grilling today. >> but people grill in the snow. today is your day. much like it was saturday and sunday. although not as pretty. we have high clouds headed this way. but still temperatures good, well into the 70s. even low 80s with sunshine today. our day planner calls for sunshine. at times we'll have some of the high clouds moving in. 77 with highs today, upper 70s to low 80s. the clouds are thicker up toward indiana and highway highway. your temperatures this morning 55 no hagerstown -- for
5:30 am
hagerstown, 40s up in frederick. also comes with fog. a quarter mile visibility there. watch out for that, otherwise a nice start on what will be another nice day. >> reporter: we are starting off with a green light and it is columbus day, that means no restrictions as well to help you out in virginia. looking at the beltway. we are going to zoom in first to 270 in maryland. i expect it to be like this throughout the morning rush hour. this time we are going to zoom in to the beltway. overnight construction happened between georgia avenue and university boulevard, that's all been picked up. we'll take a live look now at university boulevard where
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there are no problems, again as you head from 95 over toward 270, i think you are going to be just fine. now we'll look at the trained. -- at the trains. expect some delays on the orange green and yellow lines because of track work. they have provided shuttle bus service for you through the areas. back to you guys. the occupied protest movement isn't losing any steam. >> the protest started in new york more than three weeks ago with mostly young people demonstrating against how wall street has grown much bigger. yesterday in new york some members of clergy joined the protests. charlotte, north carolina had hundreds of demonstrators rallying this weekend outside of bank of america's corporate
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headquarters. some protesters plan to camp out there in tents. here in washington the occupy movement isn't the only protest going on. there is also one called stop the machine. the permit, given to the protesters expires. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live from freedom plaza with more on that. good morning surae. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. i talked with park police earlier today. we talked with them, saying monday was supposed to be a day to clean up. they are supposed to pack up, clear out and head out. but by the looks of it, no one's budging here. they are not going anywhere. this is a four day permit that runs out later on today. is the stop the machine rally where demonstrators are
5:33 am
supposed to end everything. this happened to coincide with the occupy wall street and dc movement. they have been camped out at mcpherson square but some have come over here to freedom plaza. both camps have been fighting for issues including the war, jobs and freedom of speech. >> we had to be prepared for vacate or to be arrested if they come. >> reporter: police really vice president done anything, but we'll see what happens later on -- haven't done anything, but we'll see what happens later on today. a key house investigator says he could be sending subpoenas to the obama administration as soon as this week.
5:34 am
house oversight committee chairman darrell isis suggested sunday attorney general holder knew about the operation known as fast and furious earlier than he has acknowledged. in 2009, about 2,000 guns were allowed to get into the hands of drug dealers, but lost track of most of them. some have since been found at crime scenes in mexico. this is national fire prevention week. it started with a safety fair at dean wood recreation center. there were experts on hand to help with proper child seat installation, cpr training and fire extinguisher use. >> we are kicking off today a major safety initiative where firefighters throughout the district but particularly in ward seven and eight are going to be checking smoke alarms as part of the grant. >> that grant will help fire departments install fire polk detectors in homes that need
5:35 am
them. if you live in dc and do not have a working smoke detector call 311 and you can get one free. fighting breast cancer can be draining on a patient's body, mind and spirit. in today's report, how a little pampering and relaxation can improve a survivor's health and well-being. >> reporter: after debra parker's lumpectomy, her spa days became part of her rehabilitation to treat swelling. >> the surgeon had given me a series of exercises to do that involved wall crawls with my hand, a circular motion with both of my arms. >> reporter: it worked, but debra found seeing a pro, in
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manipulation helped even more. >> to relieve debra's problem, ken uses a machine that moves in a squeezing motion up the arm from the wrist to the shoulder to encourage the lymphatic drainage. >> i got immediate relief from the discomfort in my arms. >> reporter: effective in a different way, debra gets a hydrotherapy massage. deep tissue massages are not recommended. >> you are going to close down the lymph nodes and not get the drainage you are looking for. >> tissuess a water jet hose. >> it moves the fluid through the body. as the deeper pressure it gets into the muscles and relaxes the muscles. >> the session lasts 50 minutes and that includes a nice, long soak. >> we'll turn on the air jets.
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studies show therapeutic massages reduce anxiety and even anger in women with breast cancer. on october 19th a medical spa will host its second annual breast cancer awareness event for survivors, their family and friends. all proceeds will be donated to the tiger lily foundation. for more information, click on buddy check 9 at wusa sir paul mccartney marries for a third time. next. plus some of the world's top competitive eaters apply their talents to gallons of chili. we'll tell you who won.
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for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family. we've got intimate bed and breakfast right on the water. cafe's with views of the gulf. go blue water fishing, ride a kayak, or just enjoy the world's best weather and soak up the world's best sun. we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama,
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mississippi. this could go on for a while.
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comfortable out here. light winds, toad is another good day. our day planner sunshine, high clouds at times. upper 70s. look at the winds northeast. less than five miles per hour. when i return in just a few minutes, we'll talk about rain headed this way for midweek. >> reporter: we are going to take a live look here on i 95, coming up from fredericksburg through here springfield and on to 35. all lanes are open. no hov restrictions today. coming up in my next report a closer look into virginia. what dessert may actually help reduce the risk of clogged arteries? lemon pie, cherry pie or apple
5:41 am
pie? >> here's one of the responses you posted on the facebook fan page. brian rector wrote ironically, i know this. the answer is b. leave your response and we will reveal the answer in about an hour. today is the final day for the taste of dc, which runs along pennsylvania avenue from ninth to 14th street. >> you can still grab a bib and enjoy some of the food. but perhaps not like this. oh, my. joe wii jaws chestnut took home the top prize. two gallons of ben's chili. in six minutes.
5:42 am
>> i'm exhausted. >> one bowl is okay, but eating more. kind of full. >> she is a competitive eater and a very good one from alexandria. she is known as the black widow. she came in fourth place this time. she actually beat chestnut. joey chestnut is resting up for his next eating competition in honk congress. a new hospital opens in our area. we'll talk live to its ceo, coming up. texas gets some rain finally, but severe weather along with it. here a a look at who is celebrating a birthday today. former van halen front man david lee roth is 57.
5:43 am
quarterback brett favre is 42, actor and tv host mario lopez, is 32. r & b singer happy birthday. we'll be right back. s
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good morning. we are glad you are here there
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monday morning. happy columbus day if you have the day off. if you don't, a smooth ride to work. >> put the top down and enjoy it. you won't have too many more day to be doing that. yesterday was great, upper 70s, a few spots in the low 80s. we'll be in that neighborhood again today. by wednesday, the low pressure coming from the florida carolina coast area is coming right toward us. this morning though, we are good. your moms like me bus stop forecast. it is all nice. a few patches of fog under mainly clear skies this morning with sunrise at 7:12. a few high, thin clouds out there today. sometimes mostly sunny and other times mostly cloudy. mid-afternoon 4:00, 78. by 58:00 p.m., partly to mostly cloudy and 72. winds nice today. northeast like yesterday, real light. five miles per hour or less.
5:47 am
visibility even less than a mile there. temperatures cool, 50 in sterling and centerville. up the road in springfield, one of the warmer spots at 57. 53 coming from andrews air force base. here in dc. 58. mostly cloudy, no winds to speak of and your dew point 56. it is comfortable out there and with one more really good day today. middle of the country we have rain from lake charles and beaumont through the central plains in north dakota.
5:48 am
really tightly wound area of low pressure. ocala to gainsville this morning, northeastern florida, southeastern areas of georgia. on the northeast side of this system there is a lot of energy that could spawn a few tornadoes. no problems through noon. this afternoon a few clouds will start to stream over and thicken up over us. tonight a few more clouds as we get into tuesday. by tuesday afternoon and evening, low pressure there off the carolina coast. our next three days, today's nice, up around 80 degrees. tomorrow low 70s with a few more clouds. showers and the weekend cooler
5:49 am
with friday and saturday temps in the 60s. if you are headed out right now, no restrictions on 66, 95, 395 and 270. but route 50 in maryland, there is always restrictions in effect between 01 and the beltway even today. the beltway looks great all the way in toward vienna and the beltway. if you are planning to led between 270 and tyson's corner, you can see some volume but relevantly no delays. back over to the maps, looking good from fredericksburg to springfield to the 14th street bridge. here's what it looks like at the south side of town over into springfield and you are going to be fine this morning.
5:50 am
coming up in my next report, we'll take a tour of the district at 6:00. mike? >> reporter: thank you monica. texas is finally getting the rain it needed all summer after 100-degree temperatures of wildfire. but this rain is coming with unwelcome side effects. the storm system wiped out two of the american league championship series. despite plenty of damage, no one was seriously hurt. bad weather in the south pacific is hampering recovery efforts at the site of a shipwreck. a slip carrying nearly half a million gallons of fuel ran aground last week off the coast of new zealand and leaking oil is now washing ashore no crowds carried a huge rainbow flag for the city's 16th annual gay pride parade. activists are hoping to enact a
5:51 am
law banning all discrimination against homosexuals. hospital ceo chris scene canned yo joins us live with more. thank you kristine, for joining us. what time does the center open? >> reporter: it is great to be here. it opens this morning at 7:00 a.m. we are very excited. >> talk about the excitement. i mean, you had some celebrities there, previewing the center. is this more exciting than even that? >> it is. within the center, we have the breast care suite. some of the different modalities we have is we have 128 slice ct scan, we'll have an mri, we have regular x-ray and then as a said, within the center we have a women's suite. that is very exciting for our women within the community that
5:52 am
we serve. part of the nova alexandria hospital. we created the center obviously with the patient in mind. they have a separate waiting room, terry cloth robes to put on and wait in this private waiting room. digital mammography, ultrasound and biopsy. one of the things we are very excited about, it is one stop shopping. we have everything under one roof. we have our fellowship trained breast surgeons located here. a female radiologist that specializes in ma'am go on if i -- in mammography.
5:53 am
>> we'll learn a little bit more about the center later on at 9news now at 6:00 a.m. sir paul mccartney is waking up a married man once again this morning. and also there was a real knockout in movie theaters this weekend. all that is coming up in entertainment. stay with us. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works.
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i want did you get out and enjoy there weekend weather? if you didn't you have one more chance today, it is going to be really really good. 40s and 50s this morning. 61 in reidville. 47 in frederick with fog around. by 9:00 we are pushing 60s, especially south and east of town. a good deal of sunshine, a few high clouds. middle of the day, high clouds coming in. a beautiful afternoon ahead as temperatures by 3:00 upper 70s, even 80, 82 in easton. temperatures by 6:00 will be back in the mid-70s. andrea? thank you, howard. boxing robots are taking over movie theaters.
5:57 am
the film real steel debuted this weekend, grossing over $27 million. hugh jackman stars as a washed up fighter who lost his chance at a title when steel robots took over the ring. >> george clooney's the ides of march took second place,. this morning sir paul mccartney and his new love are waking up for the first time as husband and wife. the former beatle married an american in a simple ceremony in loaned don. >> reporter: family and friends showered sir paul mccartney and his new wife with flower petals after a private ceremony. family and friends joined the celebration, including ringo
5:58 am
starr. the singer's designer daughter, stella, created the white dress and her father's blue suit. the newlyweds were playful as they headed to the reception at mccartney's london home. he we had linda eastman at the same place back in 1969. she died of cancer. mccartney's second marriage to meth they are mills ended in a bitter divorce. hundreds of fans gathered to get a glimpse of the newlyweds. >> i think she is really in love with him. so this wedding will be the, this marriage is going to be the last one.
5:59 am
>> reporter: mccartney reportedly wrote a special song for his new bride to cap off their wedding day. >> the wedding took place on john lennon's 71st birthday. they will have a second celebration state side coming up in the next few weeks. we wish them the best. happy monday. here's monday ca assistant -- monika santani. high clouds, won't be as pretty. but it will be a pretty day. we were talking about grilling earlier. have you been outside with the umbrella to grill? >> yeah, i have been there with the golf umbrella and the grill. >> i don't know about the snow. but i have been when


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